Americans Are Raving About The New Fat Decimator System

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Americans Rave Over The New Fat Decimator System

I don’t know about you, but it seems like I’ve tried every diet, every weight loss product, and every exercise program out there. I’ve run and run, and I’ve tried different gut-wrenching cardio exercises but the pounds never seem to come off or stay off. Being obese and overweight is an epidemic in the United States and it cost billions of dollars in health care each year not to mention what it cost other countries throughout the world. But t”ve found a solution to my weight loss problem. But the new “fat decimator system” has bought me closer to losing weight and keeping a lean belly.

The Fat Decimator System is a remarkable new approach to losing weight and losing belly fat. A Korean doctor by the name of Dr. Sam Pak and a former Marine Gunnery Sergeant named Kyle Cooper got together to develop a remarkable new approach to weight loss. Both of these men used well-established Asian wisdom and the latest medical research into human biology and biochemistry to create, test, and perfect “The Fat Decimator System.”

The Fat Decimator System is a remarkable new approach to weight loss that works in harmony with our body’s natural processes. This new system contradicts the fitness and weight loss myths that have taken root in western culture. These myths continue to drive up the statistics on heart disease, cancer, joint pain, digestive issues, premature aging, low energy and a host of other health problems related to being overweight.

Today more than ever, modern science is beginning to test and prove that what most people believe about exercise, diet, and weight loss are actually counterproductive and even dangerous. Research has shown that heavy cardiovascular exercise is ineffective as well as dangerous to your health.

Doctor Sam Pak, a specialist in internal medicine and human biochemistry as well as his co-founder, Kyle Cooper, of the Fat Decimator system, states that the approach works far better than they had ever expected.

Dr. Pak and Cooper state that, “The biggest problems facing western nations like the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia and most of Europe, is that there are long-established fitness and weight loss myths that have become prominent in these cultures. For instance, eliminating salt,
engaging in long-term heavy cardio exercise, starvation diets, limiting carbohydrates, and even consuming certain foods thought to be healthy actually go directly against the body’s own natural metabolic processes, biological cycles and ability to eliminate unsightly fat as well as fight off disease.”

Dr. Pak and Cooper conducted studies on different cardio exercises. These dozens of studies which include jogging, running, biking and other cardio exercise done over long periods of time show that a human being burns an average of 5 calories per minute. So, if a person jogs for an hour, he/she will only burn about 300 to 400 calories. For example, if a person consumes a single slice of banana bread contains more than 450 calories, he/she would have to do slow and long cardio for hours each day to burn off those calories.

These studies also show that these more intense interval cardio exercises do three times the effect on your body. But they also require more recovery time on your body. Dr. Pak states that it is no more effective on your body than to do long low-intensity cardio. If these intense cardio exercises are overdone by pushing your body too hard with heavy running and other cardio exercises, they can damage your joints and build scar tissue on the heart which leads to the beginning of heart disease.

If this happens, your body begins to go into what’s known as a catabolic state. A catabolic state means that all this hard running and other intense cardio exercises put your body into survival mode and when this happens, your body begins to consume muscle tissue for energy rather than fat, as muscle contains more energy.”

The Big Myth Exposed

This one example clearly shows how weight loss myths negatively affect those searching for weight loss solutions. Doctor Pak and Gunnery Sergeant Cooper in their presentation of their Fat Decimator program, expose these myths and use an independent scientific study to clearly illustrate why it’s vital that you should avoid these intense cardio exercises. Furthermore, they explain how your body works and how to work in harmony with it to bring about truly amazing weight loss results.

In Cooper’s Fat Decimator System presentation, he tells the story of how he met Dr. Pak in Afghanistan and how their Fat Decimator System has helped tens of thousands of people desperate for a real solution by delivering fast trackable results without robbing their bank accounts. Cooper even went on to add the story about Sharon, a woman in his home town of St. Louis, Missouri, who was so overweight it led to a severe decline in her health. Cooper went on to say that she was literally facing the frighteningly real possibility of impending death due to her heart disease.

A True Miracle

“Sharon is perhaps my most dramatic success story and she was literally at the end of her rope when I happened to meet her in church one day. Her turnaround both mentally and physically is astonishing, and is a big part of why I’ve made sharing Fat Decimator my life’s mission,” states Cooper. Cooper Cooper goes on to state that every concept in the Fat Decimator System has been clinically proven. Sharon Monroe lost over 40 pounds in just weeks, and she literally couldn’t believe her own body. Sharon was so astonished by her weight loss that she drove to John’s Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, and had a full medical workup done, including a complete physical and genetic testing.

The doctors at John’s Hopkins confirmed that her weight loss results were real, safe and that she’d even turned back the biological clock. In addition, the doctors said that her heart health had improved and she was no longer on the brink of type 2 diabetes.

Both Dr. Pak and Kyle Cooper say that The Fat Decimator System gives you the power to boost your body’s own metabolic processes, improve your digestion, and enhances your ability to fight disease all while delivering astonishing weight loss results. Furthermore, Cooper says that an average of 3 pounds per week over the course of the 30-day program is not unreasonable and greater results have been measured with the program.

Enthusiastic Users Of The Fat Decimator System 

Rebecca S. of Wilmington, NC, has reported that she lost 9 pounds in the first few weeks, and went on to lose 18 more. Angela L. of Cincinnati, Ohio, reported that not only did she lose 31 pounds on her first try with the Fat Decimator System, but she has more energy than she’s had in years and her intimate life with her husband has never been better.

The Fat Decimator System is so simple to follow. It is a simple step-by-step process that doesn’t require starvation diets, grueling workouts, crazy pills or supplements, or expensive exercise gadgets that don’t work. It’s an all-natural, scientifically proven program that delivers amazing results to those who follow it.

Try Fat Decimator for yourself with no risk!

To learn more about this remarkable program, click this link and watch Kyle’s free Fat Decimator presentation and learn the true secrets about weight loss and how you can finally achieve the results that have eluded you for so long.

Former American Marine and Korean doctor combine ancient wisdom with modern science to produce a safe and effective weight loss method that delivers remarkable results within the first 72 hours.

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  1. Thanks for the encouraging news! My mother has to lose weight but she can’t stand cardio exercises! She get’s tired immediately. This combined with her chronic joint pain means overweight ! I’ve passed her the article hoping that she will decide to give this program a try. Great read !!

  2. this is awesome information. While I never have struggled with weight issues until I was in my 50s, menopause, depression played havoc with my body. This information is accurate as it relates to me. I will be following this blogger for more information.

  3. In my experience with weight loss, it is extremely hard to do and can be time-consuming which can be hard if you are on your own so I’m glad to have read your article I will definitely have to try this thanks for sharing have a good night.

    1. Thank you, Casey, for the great comment. Yes, it’s very hard to lose weight when you do it alone because you have no encouragement. In one of my other blog post, I encourage people who are trying to lose weight to have a partner or many so they can encourage each other. Thanks and have a great week.

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