Weight Loss And Yoga

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Weight Loss With Yoga

Weight loss with yoga, is that even possible? Do the two even go together or belong in the same sentence? If you’ve ever wondered or had a question about whether yoga helps with weight loss or if you can sustain a considerable about of weight loss with yoga, then you should read this.

By losing weight in the more traditional way means losing more calories than the calories you take. You can definitely achieve weight loss by following a strict dieting plan and implementing a serious training program or other exercise programs such as jogging, swimming, weight training, biking or another exercise program.

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However, some people may not be able to implement these types of exercise programs because they may have some sort of physical injuries/disabilities. Because of this, they may need something else to help them with weight loss. Yoga may be the answer to many people’s prayers who have some physical limitations.

Facts About YOGA That Helps With Weight Loss

Regular yoga burns from 3 to 6 calories per minute and during a 60-minute practice session of regular yoga, a person will only burn from 180 to 360 calories. So if a person wants to lose a pound of fat, he/she will need to burn 3,500 calories.

This isn’t even close to any weight loss goal a person may have. Because of this, many people who desire to lose weight practice “fat burning” yoga.

What Is Fat Burning Yoga?

Fat burning yoga is a yoga-based workout program that is specifically tailored to help women and men lose weight and shape up. Fat burning yoga is based on the principle of Dynamic Sequencing which teaches you how to properly perform poses and use these yoga poses to firm and shape your body. It is a program that is divided into three phases that will work to challenge you and your body.

Another type of yoga called Bikram yoga can help you lose your belly by toning the muscles in your core, and it helps by burning calories and lowering your levels of stress. If you have excess fat in your stomach it may be necessary to lose weight before your abdominal muscles will show, which requires a combination of diet and exercise.

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  • When you start practicing yoga, it helps you get in touch with your body by allowing you to have more control over it. Your body will begin to feel the good energy flow in your body. This good energy that your body generates, will allow you to fill the need to take good care of yourself as well as your body. This “good energy” will make you more aware to take better care of your body. Gradually, you become more concerned about what you eat and more inclined to choose healthy food over junk food.
  • Yoga is known as an excellent way to stretch your body and enable flexibility. With more flexibility in your body, you will feel stronger, you will be firmer, and it will help you feel more confident.
  • Yoga is said to help you achieve many of your goals and do many more things you want to do in your life. Research has shown that yoga also helps improve your sex life as well as it gives you the “happy hormone.” This happy hormone helps you stay away from an unhealthy diet or eating when you feel stressed.
  • When you practice yoga correctly by using proper breathing exercises, it will help you improve your self-awareness. This self-awareness helps you become more mindful with what you put into your body and stops you from taking in bad food or other chemicals such as alcohol or drugs that you shouldn’t put into the system.
  • When you practice fat burning yoga, you will practice your breathing techniques. These breathing techniques will help you focus on your concentration. With each yoga pose you do, these breathing techniques will allow you to meditate along the way and help you by focusing on your breathing so that every movement of your body and your breathing are in line with  your body. This will help you get more in touch with your body, help relieve your stress, and calm your mind. In addition, by using these breathing techniques, they help dissolve your stress as well as helps your body be in touch with yourself. It also helps you reconnect with your soul, and you will eventually lose your stressful eating habits.
  • When you perform fat burning yoga, it helps you with many areas of your physical fitness including your balance, your              flexibility, it improves your metabolism, and it helps you build more muscle mass.
  • If you have back pain, the key to improving your back pain is flexibility. Flexibility can also help you eliminate pain caused by a tight hamstring and it also helps improve your overall body aches and pains. By having more flexibility in your body, this will help improve your energy flow throughout your body and increase blood circulation making you feel more youthful.
  • The weight loss with fat burning yoga is sustainable because it improves your self-awareness, increases your metabolism, improves your flexibility, increases your muscle mass, and improves your balance. These improvements by in cooperating fat burning yoga, help you achieve the new person you have always wanted to be.
  • In general, fat burning yoga and other forms of yoga, are gentle workouts that can make you sweat quite a bit.   However,         because yoga is so gentle, you can do it as long as you would like, maybe even 2 to 3 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The greatest part about fat burning yoga is that it doesn’t cost you a fortune. Yoga can be performed anywhere you want, even in a small space. It can also be done outside on your lawn, the sand on a beach, or anywhere else for that matter.              Basically, all you need to invest in is a mat, a good guide back or DVD to help you with yoga poses.
  • Yoga can be done at any time and at your own schedule. However, you will need to learn and understand the breathing process and the poses before you start practicing on your own because injuries can occur as well as negative results from doing wrong poses or doing it the wrong way.

Yoga Will Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Yoga Poses

Fat burning yoga is great for helping a person lose weight and keep it off. It will help a person reach his/her weight loss goals and help him/her tone and build lean, muscle mass. But the most effective part of yoga for weight loss is about releasing a person’s stress levels. By relieving a person’s stress, it makes them a much happier person and equips them with the ability to cope with things in a person’s life with a positive attitude. So being able to fit fat burning yoga practice in a person’s busy schedule with ease and with little to no hassle would be the key to achieving a person’s weight loss goals.


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  1. I personally have never done yoga. I don’t really know why. It just doesn’t appeal to me. However i know lots of people who do yoga on a weekly basis. This article is spot on to the reasons they have told me that i should join them. Very informative article.

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