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Tips For Weight Loss

Tips For Weight Loss

Have you ever been on a diet? Have you ever been successful at weight loss? I imagine most of your friends, like my friends, have given you some tips for successful weight loss. But have you noticed them, they are still overweight and many of them have “beer bellies.” Funny isn’t it? I heard it all the time from my friends who were giving me advice on how to be successful at weight loss, but they should be following their on advice.

Because of my military injuries and 16 surgeries, I haven’t been very active. This lack of activity and exercise has caused me to become very depressed. For many years my depression has been my only friend. My friend has caused me to overeat and I have become very overweight {obese). Being overweight has caused me to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Yesterday, I finally got my mindset right and I decided to lose weight. I went to the bathroom and learned the horrible truth, my scales said I weighed 228 lbs.! Oh, boy, I need to lose 38 lbs.!

But before I decided to go on my diet, I needed to find out how to lose weight safely and keep it off. I researched different ways to a successful weight loss solution. I found advice from many experts and doctors giving some tips for successful weight loss. And from my research, I believe these five (5) some tips for successful weight loss will not only help me out with my weight loss journey, but it will help you in yours. By adopting these five tips, you will see your weight loss success.

Seek Social Support

According to these experts, a successful weight loss journey is better when you involve family members and friends who have the same objective as you do. They may feel a need to join you on your journey to lose weight and lose weight themselves. In this way, you will have moral support and if you get depressed or want to give up along the way, your weight loss partner(s) can reassure you. Statistics say that when you are losing weight with a partner(s), you tend to lose twice as much weight as if you were losing weight alone.

Track Food Consistently

For anyone who starts a weight loss journey, it is a very good idea to keep a journal of his/her food intake, no matter what he/she eats. We should always log everything we eat in our food journal. Because a lot of times we eat without realizing it. Our journal records everything we eat. It records if the food we eat is good for us, and if it is bad for us. Just looking at our journal brings attention to what are putting in our body, whether good or bad. According to experts, 88 percent of people who use a journal to record their food intake for seven days, lost weight. And by keeping a food journal, you can lose more pounds than if you didn’t.

Hold Yourself Accountable

If you are on a weight loss journey and you want the best results possible, you should seek social support and track your food intake (use a food journal). Experts say if you share your food journals with your weight loss partner(s), this will give you and your partner(s) inspiration to stay on track with your weight loss goals. It will also put your eating habits on display for your partner(s) to see, and this is the best way to keep yourself honest. By sharing your journal with your partner(s), experts say that you tend to lose 2 times the weight as people who don’t share their journals with their partner(s).

Stay Motivated 

If you are going to do any type of weight loss program, you need to have the proper mindset. This will help you stay motivated as well. A positive attitude will keep you motivated when you want to give up or you are hungry. It will help you stay away from snacking unhealthy foods.

In addition, while on a weight loss program you should do some type of exercise. A positive mindset when you do some sort of exercise or work out, keeps you motivated to stick with it. People who exercise and work out, lose twice as much as weight as people who do not do some type of exercise.

Even if you aren’t able to do much exercise, you should still move and keep active. I am not able to do a lot of exercises, but I keep a positive mindset and I walk 2 1/2 miles each day. It’s not a fast pace, but it is a steady pace and it helps me to lose weight and it exercises my heart. Even 30 minutes of walking each day, keeps your heart in good condition.

Cook For Themselves

You should always cook your own meals if you are trying to lose weight. Home cooked meals tend to be more nutritious and less fattening then restaurant foods. Cooking at home has a huge impact on your weight loss goals and you should find nutritious recipes that are less fattening. By cooking at home, you can cut down on your portions which will be a big factor in reaching your desired weight loss goals. Cooking at home provides more nutrition than eating out and a good home cooked meal provides more protein and fiber that meals from restaurants. Experts say that if you use nutritious recipes, log them in your food journal, and cook them at home, you will lose 40 percent more weight than people who don’t do this.

Wrapping It Up...

Anyone who wants to be successful at weight loss should always have a plan. People who decide to go on a diet by themselves can be successful, but people who seek out friends or family members as weight loss partner(s) have a better chance to reach their ultimate weight loss goals. A weight loss partner(s) can help you stay motivated by helping you keep a positive mindset and pushing you to workout (exercise) more when you want to give up.

By keeping a food journal, you and your partner(s) can keep track of what you eat. This will make you and your partner(s) accountable to each other so that you can show each other what you have eaten, whether good or bad. When I go on my weight loss journey (I have been on a lot of them), I keep a food journal so that I can track my food intake and calories. This allows me to change my food intake if I veer off and helps me get back on the right track. By keeping a food journal, it is not to embarrass you or your partner(s), but to keep you going toward your weight loss goals.

Restaurant food is bad for your diet and you don’t know what’s in the food they serve you. Always cook your meals at home when you are on your weight loss journey. When cooking at home, you get to pick your own healthy recipes; thus you can shop for the best and leanest cuts of meats, the best vegetables, and starches. You also decide how big your portions are and you will know what’s in your meals. This will give you the most nutritious meals for your weight loss journey.

In conclusion, I believe that these tips for weight loss I have given you will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Remember keep a positive mindset and stay motivated!!

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